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Kids are artists. They like to create stuff. And they want to show it to the world. Zapp Tekenapp enables them to make the wildest drawings and get them on the air. They’ll be the stars of the TV show. The app is the cornerstone of the most popular children's show in the Netherlands: Zapplive, every saturday at 8:45AM. It's used by thousands of kids, giving their parents the weekend bedtime they deserve.


Key learnings

Impact and connectedness are the recipes for great polls

  • Extensively testing a kids app is essential. And you should test it on children.
  • Embed flexibility in the app and it will trigger creativity and engagement from the TV-makers.
  • Keep the flow simple and clear.
  • It feels good to beat Netflix in the app store.

Super leuk voor kids: de #Zapp #Tekenapp! Misschien komt jouw #tekening straks op TV bij @Zapplive #app #kinderen
— Vera Holland / @veraholland


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