zapplive swipe

In Zapplive, a popular Dutch kids' TV show, the young viewers can decide what happens next in the show. They can swipe away on their mobiles and tablets to decide who will be the next guest, which daring challenges should be played. The three options are displayed in the TV studio with a rotating door. Viewers at home can decide where the door will stop by swiping though its virtual equivalent.

Key learnings

Impact and connectedness are the recipes for great polls

  • Creating something as simple as a poll must have a phyical impact on the show.
  • Connecting the User Interface to a physical prop in the TV-show makes it much more tangible.
  • A simple poll requires a well executed Call to Action on TV. The TV hosts are the evangelists of your poll and expect exciting poll challenges.
  • Kids are die hard fans of your show's guest and will vote repeatedly for their hero. You should allow them to do that.

En ondertussen bepalen de kids thuis door te swipen wat er in de studio van Zapplive gebeurt! #crossmedia
— Wilko van iperen / @wilkovip


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