Immerse your audience like never before.

  • Add more layers to your story. Go deep. Let your viewers dive in.
  • Bring your characters to life on the second screen. You're the maker.
  • Keep viewers hungry for more. Get them hooked. Make sure they stick around.
  • Take your viewers by the hand. Guide them over multiple episodes.


Now you're really talking with your customers.

  • Take your TV campaign to the next level. Make your target group act.
  • Grab the attention of your market. Start the dialogue.
  • Launch eye-catching interactive spots that your customers cannot ignore.
  • Make them offers they can't refuse. Reward them with coupons and deals.


Keep your viewers tuned in.

  • Bond with your viewers. Build a solid relationship.
  • Make them tune in. Turn them on. With your shows, that is.
  • Blend your TV business with interactive experiences. It's a recipe for success.
  • Make sure viewers hang out on your platforms. Don't make them stray to Twitter or Facebook.



What Storyline brings to storytellers

  1. Guidance
    We organize creative writing sessions for all involved screenwriters.
  2. Simplicity
    Easy-to-use tools enable you to build timed interactive storylines.
  3. Flexibility
    Lean tools allew you to easily create new story templates.
  4. Security
    You can preview your scripted storylines in a closed environment.


What Storyline brings to brands

  1. Measurability
    Monitor the conversions generated by your TV ads in real time.
  2. Usability
    Storyline's tools enable you to easily manage timed sweepstakes and coupons.
  3. Market insights
    Create and edit interactive polls and surveys.
  4. Effective campaigns
    Ad agencies and media buyers can count on thorough technical and creative support.


What Storyline brings to broadcasters

  1. Room for content
    Create richer content experiences before, during and after your shows.
  2. Community building
    Target Facebook and Twitter simultaneously to let new viewers tune in.
  3. Audience insights
    Get to know your viewers better than ever before.
  4. Audio sync
    Enable delayed viewing thanks to watermarking on native applications.
  5. Full control
    Switch from automated triggers to manual activation at any time, while staying in sync with your play-out systems.

case study

A first for Belgian TV.

Small Town Heroes is proud to create a precedent in Belgian TV fiction. Our product Storyline powers the second screen experience of De Ridder, a new courtroom drama on Belgium’s biggest network Eén. In sync with the show, viewers receive regular updates on their second screen devices.