BNNVARA goes vertical with Zender

Together with the BNNVARA team we build a mobile app based on our Zender platform. Zender offers publishers and broadcasters an easy way to publish interactive video stories to their own mobile touchpoint or to social story platforms (Instagram, Snapchat). Zender aims to increase the engagement with fans, offering them exclusive previews, live Q&A sessions and rich photo discussions. 


BNNVARA, a dutch TV channel aimed at millennials, wanted to counter the decline in linear TV viewership. The youth channel publishes great original content like #boos and Drugslab on Youtube and engage with their loyal fans on Facebook and Instagram. They are also big fans of Snapchat Discover, a truly innovative format for storytelling and the best experience to watch video on phones. But the Discover platform is expensive, closed and gated by Snapchat.


With Zender, BNNVARA can have a direct one-on-one relationship with their fans. The editorial team publishes daily interactive stories, series, mini-games and challenges. All that content is produced for mobile first: vertical video's for portrait orientations with great (interactive) animations. 


Viewers can subscribe to their favourite shows and series and comment with photo's mixed with text, silly stickers and doodles. Because text comments are so 2005. Through easy moderation tools, the editorial team can recycle comments in new stories or put them on-air (old-school!).