ketnet jr app

Ketnet, VRT's children's TV network, has a great selection of video content, wildly popular to kids aged 1 to 10. With a new set of apps Ketnet is launched into the digital realm. Ketnet jr. is targeted  at kids aged 1-6: the app, which is free of text, offers all Ketnet video content and can be easily explored and viewed at the children's own pace, without parental interventions. Personal recommendations, based on the children's behavioral level and viewing habits, are presented after every episode.

In order not to transform our kids into binge zombies, we added playful interactions and games with the characters of the episodes. Video content is linked and synced to interactions: e.g. when a kid finishes the latest Bumba episode he can colour and share a beautiful Bumba drawing. Content and interactions are seamlessly linked , making the app more fun. more educational and more diverse than a Netflix binge session. The set of games and interactions will grow as Ketnet can plug new HTML5 games into the native app architecture.



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