De ridder

Small Town Heroes is proud to create a precedent in Belgian TV fiction. Our product Storyline powers the second screen experience of De Ridder, a new courtroom drama on Belgium's biggest network Eén. In sync with the show, viewers receive regular updates on their second screen devices.

Key learnings

Let users engage after the show

  • Fiction series are so immersive that it's a tough job to activate people during the show.
  • Focus on the journey right after of before the show to activate your viewers.
  • The app content must top-notch and executed as professionaly as the series.
  • Extra information is appreciated when relevant but it's the funny quotes to your viewers will talk about.

Problematiek van de Roma kinderen in Gent, concreet gemaakt in #De Ridder second screen app is straf.
— Dirk Rasschaert / @DirkRas

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