involve your viewers.

  • Airshow enables your viewers to directly participate in your live show.
  • Build bridges between the living room and your TV studio.
  • Talk to your viewers. Ask them what they think. Let them express themselves.

enrich the live experience.

  • Turn your show into a full-blown live experience.
  • Survey results, tweets, photos, live drawings can immediately go on air.
  • Viewers will stay tuned, as they feel part of the dialogue.

Show and tell.

  • Process incoming viewer data rapidly. Visualize them in the show’s graphic style.
  • Hosts can easily navigate through the data and discuss them on the spot.
  • The result: your show will get a more dynamic, lively flow.



What Airshow brings to viewers

  1. participation
    Have your say in discussion on TV. Give your opinion. Join the dialogue. See your input on the TV screen.
  2. Engagement
    Feel engaged. Be a part of the show's community. We want to hear from you, so stay tuned.
  3. Accessible
    Participating is easy. Use the show's app, visit the site, send a tweet or e-mail. You're welcome to join.


What Airshow brings to producers

  1. 200% live
    Airshow is a real-time platform, in sync with the live broadcast. Your show will come alive like never before.
  2. Visual
    Incoming viewer data are visualized during the live TV show. All visuals are in line with the show's graphical theme.
  3. Simplicity
    Airshow is easy to work with. Get a clear overview of incoming viewer data. Make easy selections and queue them to go on air.
  4. On every screen
    Wheter it's a video-wall or monitor: Airshow supports any kind of screen. The TV hosts can use tablets to scroll through viewer data.


What Airshow brings to broadcasters

  1. Connected
    Connect directly with thousands of living rooms. Start an active dialogue with your viewers. Get to know them better.
  2. Scalable
    Whatever the size of your audiences, Airshow can handle the flow. It's perfectly scalable to every kind of TV show.
  3. Robust
    Airshow is robust and trustworthy. It can seamlessly handle peak TV traffic without any hick-ups.
  4. Measuring & monitoring
    Real-time statistics and reporting tools give you 360° insights. Monitor all activities 24/7.
  5. Also on second screen
    A second screen runs in sync with the show to add extra content. Viewers can use it to send feedback, which then goes back to the TV studio.