It's fun.

  • Ready, young artist? Then get going on the digital canvas.
  • Create your drawing with all kinds of colors and shapes. Add some stickers and emojis.
  • Share your drawing immediately. See it appear on TV!
  • Take up the show’s drawing challenges. Make sure you meet the deadlines.

it's interactive.

  • TV maker? Meet a complete solution featuring a rock solid app, moderator tools and integration within your visualization backend.
  • Create maximum interaction with your viewers. Build a happy community around the show.
  • Select incoming drawings easily and rapidly. Show them on air in the most optimal visual conditions.
  • Challenge your viewers. Give them exciting deadlines.

it's safe.

  • Don’t worry, mom and dad. This is a fully secure app for the whole family.
  • Parents can control all user accounts and pictures.
  • It’s 100% in line with the strictest guidelines for children's apps.



What Aircraft brings to producers

  1. Connected
    Connect in the most direct way with your viewers. Receive their drawings immediately.
  2. Direct challenges
    Challenge your viewers with new assignments. Send them push notifications.
  3. Simplicity
    Get a clear overview of incoming drawings. Select the best ones rapidly and easily, then queue them to go on air.
  4. Graphically integrated
    Adjust the app and visuals to your show's graphical theme.
  5. Success guaranteed
    Rest assured. The app is a proven hit among 6- to 12-year olds.


What Aircraft brings to brands

  1. The show's brand
    App and visuals can be fully branded in line with the show's look and feel.
  2. The sponsor's brand
    Drawing challenges can be powered and branded by a commercial sponsor.


What Aircraft brings to broadcasters

  1. Smooth integration
    Our platform is smoothly integrated into TV visualization back-ends like CasparCG and VizRT.
  2. Tried & tested
    Aircraft has been extensively tested with children. The result: a rock solid tablet app for iOS and Android.
  3. Easy to use
    The moderator tools are easy to use and completely integrated within your TV production flow.
  4. Return on investment
    Turn your app into a paid one. Enable in-app purchases like stickers or colors. Sync content with your sponsors.
  5. Visually versatile
    Set up as many screens or overlay signals as preferred. Customize the templates of any studio screen.
  6. Measuring & monitoring
    Monitor all activities 24/7. Use real-time statistics and reporting tools to gain insights.